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Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Angel Card Reader, Spiritual Coach / Advisor. Angel Healing Therapist. Angel Intuitive and  Natural Channel. Removes unwanted Spirits from your life. Teacher of Angelic Realms. A Radio host on International Angels Network. And a Best Selling Author.


About Angelic Light


I have had my spirituals gifts since I  was a small child, It was then I realised I was very different from others. I  have them from my Romany Ancestry.

I have been giving Spiritual Psychic Readings for over or over 30 years. And I am able to speak directly with spirits on the other side.

As an Angel intuitive i have been working with my Spirit Guides, and the Angelic Realms for as long as I can remember. 

My gifts are vast, I am able to remove spirit from land or property, leaving you in peace. I am a spiritual Coach / Advisor (cert), Angel Healing Therapist (cert), Teacher of  the Angelic realms (cert), A Radio Host, and a Best Selling Author.

I use my gift to help others on this plane. Bettering Everyone's  lives, where I can.


Angelic Light Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Angelic Light, Bringing The Angelic Realms Into Your Life.


Psychic Spiritual Readings

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Angelic Light we have been giving psychic spiritual readings for over 30 years. With many satisfied clients. Suzi is  able to bring messages to you from your loved ones on the other side. To help guide you forward in this life. And make your life easier with any issues you many be experiencing in the here and now.
Suzi is able to give you a spiritual reading on the phone, through the web or in person. 
Angelic light also offers group readings.


Spiritual Coach and Advisor

Next Level Service

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Angelic light. All of our services, especially this one.
I able to tune into what it is your most needing in your life. With the help of the angels realms. It could be health issues, or even direction with a career or a relationship. It may be helping you be on your spiritual path. Or releasing of old energies holding you back in your current life.

Enjoy An Evening With Spirit!

Host  A Party .

Angelic Light offers an evening with spirit. Would you like to host a party for you and your friends or family.
Or Maybe your having a hen party / Christmas party and fancy some thing different to start your fun!
Suzi speaks directly with the spirits and is able to bring you messages from the other side.
so why not have an evening with spirit and receive some guidance and direction in your life now.



Angelic Lights Specialised Services

Angelic light is proud to showcase our full service inventory, including our customer favorites. Browse below to get a better idea of what we have to offer. Are you having trouble deciding on a service? Give us a call, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Spiritual Cleansing Of Your Space


Angel healing Therapist


A Natural Channel

Removal of unwanted spirits

This is a very specialise service we offer at Angelic Light. It is not always clear, why hauntings happen. And why spirit miss the divine light to pass over to the heaven plain.
There are many reasons though why it can happen.
Our very experienced Psychic Medium Suzi, is able to converse with the spirits. Calming the situation in many cases.
Then on demand she is able to bring in the divine light into that space for the spirits to walk into the light and go up to the heaven plane.
Leaving you with harmony  restored.
Suzi has helped many  spirit all over the world. So they are able  continue on their souls journey up in heaven.

 Working with the angelic realms

Here at Angelic Light, we like to introduce our clients to the angelic realms. So they have an understanding of angels and the arch angels.

We also help our clients to start working with their own guardian angel. 

While also helping our clients recognise their own spiritual gifts and psychic abilities they may have.

Encouraging our clients to continue to use  it in their every day lives.

We also teach our clients to start using their intuition, and show them certain tools they can use to communication with the angelic realms.

Removal Of Negative Energies

At Angelic Light we do offer our clients a very specialised variety of services. This service we are offering here is also an unusual one. 
Suzi is a natural channel. She can not only channels the angelic realms at all times. But she is able to channel and remove  any negative energies on the earth plain. Leaving that space free from negativity. so not to cause any further problems to others.
At Angelic Light we deal with more specialised spiritual matters. The closing of portals and the removal of entities from your sacred space.


Angelic Light.

Is your Child seeing Spirit!.

Is your Child seeing Spirit? Is he or she scared of what they are seeing. Are they the only one in your family?.
Are they feeling lost and confused at experiencing the Spirit Realms.
Here at Angelic Light we offer a service for Children, helping them understand how to cope with their Gifts that they have. I also Coach the family as a whole to help them understanding as well. I work with children all over the uk, even as far as Northern Ireland.






We at Angelic Light are excited to announce our up and coming courses. Suzi Parrett will be collaborating with another one of her co-host of International Angels Network, Dianne Morgan. Both ladies have been teaching their knowledge for years, and have been brought together by the Angelic Realms themselves. To spread the light to others, and in helping you to work with the Angels themselves.

The courses are 5 mini-Webinar courses, plus a bonus course at the end. The courses cover an Introduction to your own Guardian Angel, the Archangels, Angel choirs and a whole lot more!. You can buy them individually or all together. And once you have brought any of them you can play them back as much as you like. You will be fully supported throughout the course with a facebook group Unite in the Light as well to share your experiences with others. FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR FULL INSIGHT TO THE COURSES AND TO REGISTER.


Here at Angelic light we are going in a new direction. We will be offering our New workshops soon. Where you can be enlightened about the Angelic Realms You will be introduced to the Angels and shown how to start working with them in your life. And start Learning to trust in your own intuition.
Plus much much more!!


In the near future Unite in the Light will be offering our customers retreats. This is new and very exciting times for us. This will be next year in October 2020. More information will follow shortly.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. 


At Angelic Light we are always open to helping others





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Angelic light is committed to exceeding your needs. Any questions or comments you may have, please don't hesitate in contacting us. We are more than happy to help you.

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 Suzi was able to help my family with an unusual problem with spirit. My little girl was seeing things in the new house we had brought, she was terrified. Suzi came in and cleared it the whole house and garage space. Suzi was even able to tell us who she had moved on and the history of the land our house was built on. It was my aunty who looked into it. And we were amazed in Suzi's total accuracy in all she told us. And my little girl doesn't see monsters any more. thank you.

Andy Mc keary

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